5 reasons why there’s ‘snow’ season like winter to find your dream home

Buying a home in the winter is not such a crazy idea! Here’s how bypassing the peak season works to your advantage.

1. Less competition

Demand for homes is low in the winter. Most people prefer to wait until spring so they can move when school’s out and there’s zero possibility of a blizzard coinciding with moving day. That leaves plenty of stock for you!

2. More room to negotiate

The typical winter seller is highly committed to selling and moving. That means faster closings and a better chance for you to win a few concessions. Just make sure you don’t freeze out the seller with a lowball offer.

3. Historically lower prices

As the weather warms, demand will heat up, making housing prices trend upward.

4. More personal attention from your real estate agent

Now that it’s the post-peak season, your agent is more likely to have extra bandwidth for showings and more!

​​​​​​​5. Prime time for home inspections

You’ll want a house that’s ship-shape and keeps out the elements. Winter is optimal for assessing the roof, windows and level of insulation — any leaks, gaps or drafts? It’s also perfect timing to gauge performance of the heating system.

Of course, winter moving has its challenges. But having the freedom to shop around for the perfect place makes it all worthwhile.