No-cost New Year’s resolutions for the home

No need to spend thousands on home improvement projects. These fixes will make a huge difference in your life at little to no cost.

Put cleaning on autopilot

Stop wasting your weekend catching up on chores. By setting aside 20 minutes each day to clean one or two rooms, you get time back on your days off.

Declutter your storage spaces

Sometimes, the best thing you can add to a room is empty space — it eliminates distractions and improves flow. Start by decluttering your closets and drawers and the rest will come, because you’ll gain extra storage.

Make your handyman list

Take stock in all the little fixes that need doing around the house. Things like caulking the shower, painting the front door, or replacing the broken hardware on that window will make your house more functional.

Clean out nooks and crannies

Target the less-obvious areas where gunk and dust collect. Pull out the stove and fridge. Clear the dust and lint buildup from your dryer vent and bathroom exhaust fan. Give your utility room a sweeping and mopping.