Dreaming of spring? Make the most of winter downtime to get your project shovel-ready

What’s a landscaping project you’d like to add in 2023? Whether it’s a Zen garden, a stone fire pit or a new arbor, start before the warm weather arrives so you can spring into action.

Sketch the master grid

Grab some graph paper and draw your yard to scale. This provides a bird’s-eye view of your property and where your new feature fits in.

Become a student

Immerse yourself in the vast library of online how-to videos to get everything you need to know to complete the project. Be sure to watch a variety of content — so you can catch the tips and techniques that work for you.

Gather your tools and materials

Once you construct your A-Z list on absolutely everything you’ll need for building and installation, start collecting. To keep costs down, borrow or rent project-specific gear from friends or family.

Make your to-do list and schedule it

Scheduling your build is smart. It breaks the project down into actionable steps and transforms intention into action!